Entry #1

So... here I am.

2010-11-23 02:48:03 by MilesVeritatis

I'm here, you're looking at my page, maybe you listened to my music. I hope you enjoyed it, because otherwise I'll have to hurt you. And that wouldn't be good, now would it? No, in fact, that would be bad. A real shame, even. For you. Not for me. I'd probably enjoy it. Which probably makes me a sick person, but I'm okay with that.


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2010-11-23 10:46:29

I chop you in half with my bear hands.
Those hands were hard to receive.

MilesVeritatis responds:

I counter with my bear arms. You eat lead. I win. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!


2010-11-24 11:37:56

So, you want to eat me?

MilesVeritatis responds:

I keep telling you man, I don't bat for that team...